Select Institute of Technology Provides Robust Salesforce® Training for Students Seeking to Begin New Salesforce® Careers


Select Institute of Technology offers robust training and preparation for students seeking to begin careers as Salesforce® technologists.

Salesforce® jobs are in high demand. But to gain entry, students often must show potential employers they possess the skills required including knowledge of Salesforce®, relevant Salesforce® project experience, and that they are prepared to take Salesforce® certification exams,

Select Institute of Technology programs provide much of that preparation for students. Its Salesforce® Administrator and Salesforce® Developer programs begin as immersive instructor-led classes. The 12-week programs teach students the skills they need to become successful Salesforce® technologists. As an integral part of the curriculum, students work on Salesforce® projects that provide them the relevant experience they can showcase to potential employers.

Upon completion of the general curriculum, the class then focuses on preparing students to take Salesforce® certification exams. Classes provide students with self-study exam preparation materials and realistic practice exams expertly curated by Focus on Force, a leading Salesforce® exam preparation company. The realistic practice exams emulate actual Salesforce® certification exam questions and conditions. Graduates emerge from the program better prepared to take the Salesforce® Administrator Certification exam.

“Students all learn differently. By offering both the instructor-led training classes and the self-study exam prep materials, Select Tech students receive a well-rounded training experience suited to their needs,” said Steve Wasula, President of Select Institute of Technology. “Select Institute of Technology takes pride in preparing students to take Salesforce® certification exams and beginning new rewarding Salesforce® careers.”

Rounding out the program, Select Institute of Technology offers career services such as resume review and networking that aids graduates in finding their first job.