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Student Services

Academic Advising

Select Institute of Technology is committed to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals through academic advising. Academic Advising services provide students with information, guidance, and access to resources in order to obtain the maximum benefit from their educational experience at Select Institute of Technology.

Employment Assistance

Select Tech is committed to helping our graduates find a rewarding career. In conjunction with our parent company, Stony Point, we have established relationships with dozens of companies interested in hiring our alumni. We will introduce you to hiring managers, help you identify employment opportunities and advise you during the recruitment process. Through our partnership with Meritize, students may have access to additional tools such as interview preparation help, soft skills advising, resume advising, and job search advice

Technical Support

Instructors provide the majority of technical support during the instructor-led sessions. However, if a support issue arises that would take significant time to resolve in class, technical support is available.


Learning Environment

Select Tech classes are all delivered virtually, by a live instructor, using Zoom. The students and teachers will interact through integrated audio, video, chat and screen sharing. Students are expected to attend class 8 hours each day, Monday-Friday. During class, students will listen to lectures, perform many hands-on exercises, reinforce concepts through project work, and take exams.

Exams will make up the majority of a student's grade with some project work also contributing to the final grades. Tests will be delivered virtually using ClassMarker and other similar testing technologies.

Students will be encouraged to collaborate on exercises and most projects, and will be able to communicate using email, Google Hangouts, Salesforce Chatter, Slack and other similar collaboration technologies.

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Career Outlook
Between 2022-2026, the Salesforce ecosystem is projected to grow eight times larger than Salesforce itself, generating $1.6 trillion in new business revenue and 9.3 million jobs that will require Salesforce skills.

Growth In Cloud Computing

Spending on Cloud Computing is growing at a rate of 19% compared to non-cloud software spending growth of only 3%

Community Driven

The amazing Salesforce community is full of helpful people pushing the boundaries of technology while enjoying what they do everyday. is consistently rated the most innovative company and one of the best places to work in the world. This great environment extends to its customers, who maintain a rich online community for developers and for administrators and users.

Employment Opportunities

There are tens of thousands of open jobs available for developers and administrators. Over 200,000 companies use Salesforce, and there is a constant shortage of technologists who know Salesforce. Our programs are an entry into a world of nearly limitless advancement possibilities and we have relationships with dozens of companies waiting to interview our graduates

For more info, read the Burning Glass Report Source: Burning Glass Report, “Skilling Up for the Future: The Growing Demand for Salesforce Talent”, March 2020
Continuing Education
Upon graduating from a Select Institute of Technology program all student recieve a one year free Class Pass, a $4,500 value. With this pass you can take as many instructor-led virtual Salesforce classes offered by Stony Point during your subscription.