Tuition Information

Tuition & Fees

Administrator Diploma

Application Fee = $50

Total Tuition = $12,000

Total Tuition & Fees = $12,050

Developer Diploma

Application Fee = $50

Total Tuition = $12,000

Total Tuition & Fees = $12,050

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Veteran Scholarships

Veteran, Spouse, and Children - $1,500

Select Institute of Technology proudly offers education benefits and opportunities for military members and veterans who have honorably served. We are a military-inclusive school and committed to supporting your education and career goals, whether during your military service or in civilian life. Available to spouses or children of veterans.

Those applying for the Veteran’s scholarship must provide one of the following.

  • Military ID Card (active duty, National Guard, Reserves, IRR, or retiree). Set up an appointment to replace your military ID card at a RAPIDS ID location.
  • VA Issued ID Card for Health Care
  • Veterans ID Card (starting Nov. 2017)
  • Veterans Designation on Driver’s License or State
  • Veterans ID Card (almost all states now offer this)
  • Veterans Group Membership Card (VFW, American Legion, DAV, etc.)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarships

Women in Tech - $1,500

We believe there should be no opportunity gap and are proud to offer all women Select Institute of Technology students pursuing a career in tech a $1,500 scholarship.

To qualify, for a Women in Tech scholarship, the student must identify as female.


Minority - $1,500

Select Institute of Technology Minority Scholarship opens doors for those pursuing a career in technology with a $1,500 scholarship.

To qualify for a Minority scholarship, the student must be an ethnicity other than white.

Academic Scholarships

Select Institute of Technology recognizes students’ academic achievement in prior coursework. Based on overall GPA at graduation, students may be eligible to receive up to $2,500 in scholarship applied to their tuition.

Students can only participate in one academic scholarship and will receive the highest scholarship amount they qualify for. Recipients must provide an official transcript showing their final GPA for the program.

  • GPA High School Diploma
    • 3.0 - $500
    • 3.5 - $1,000
  • GPA Associate of Art or Associate of Science
    • 3.0 - $1,000
    • 3.5 - $1,500
  • GPA Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science
    • 3.0 - $1,500
    • 3.5 - $2,000
  • Graduated with a Masters or PhD
    • $2,500

Payment Plans

Select Institute of Technology offers an installment payment plan with no additional interest charges or fees.

Payment #1 -
$4,000 Due by the first day of class
Payment #2 -
$4,000 Due by the first day of week 5 of the program
Payment #3 -
$4,000 Due by the first day of week 9 of the program

In order to be considered for payment plans, all applicants must supply us with a clear and readable copy of one of the following:

  • valid passport
  • driver’s license
  • other government-issued ID
  • AND Social Security Card

Scholarship funds will be subtracted from the total tuition amount and the remaining balance will be split into 3 payments.

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Private Student Financing Companies

Eligible students may qualify for up to 100% financing for their education through our partnerships with Meritize, Climb Credit and Affirm. These companies provide affordable financing to the students by paying your tuition directly to Select Institute. Typically, students may defer any loan repayment until after graduation.

Income Sharing Agreement

In partnership with Leif, Select Institute of Technology offers an Income Share Agreement (ISA) with the following terms:

  1. Instead of paying full tuition upfront, enrolled students may choose to make a down payment of $1,500 and sign an ISA.
  2. An ISA is a legally binding agreement representing a responsibility to pay Select Institute of Technology School a portion of future income.
  3. ISAs are not a form of debt, nor are they a loan. They have no interest rate or principal balance.
  4. Students who elect the ISA option agree to pay 9% of post-Select Institute of Technology School gross income (i.e., before taxes) with 42 monthly payments, but only when students are earning equal to or more than $40,000 per year. The ISA option is capped at a maximum of $18,500.
  5. If the student has earned less than $40,000 for a total of 60 months after completing Select Institute of Technology program, their ISA is cancelled, regardless of amount paid to date.
  6. If students get a job before graduation, they are not considered withdrawn and their ISA will be due in full.